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Ambulatory Care EPR


Ambulatory Care EPR

Ambulatory Care services are an important contributor to the efficient operation of any hospital. By minimising length of patient stay without a reduction in safety or quality of patient care. Ambulatory Care Units offer a cost-effective, patient-centred and efficient approach to treatment. As a result of its clinician-lead design PatientSource has successfully delivered its healthcare IT solutions to the Ambulatory Care setting in order to improve upon the multitude of benefits which are provided by meeting healthcare needs in an outpatient setting.

Gone are the days of repeatedly having to search for a large paper folder or an available computer in order to access and manage a patient’s records. With PatientSource’s cloud-based electronic patient record system, clinicians can simply use a browser on any tablet, or desktop computer in order to access patient information, track observations and interpret investigation results at the bedside. Our launch at the James Paget University Hospital Ambulatory Care Unit has been particularly successful in that clinicians there find our platform far more intuitive and responsive than the legacy electronic record systems that they have previously had to use. As a result, PatientSource has naturally made life much easier for Ambulatory Care staff.

Patient Tracker

One such way that PatientSource has helped to improve upon the efficiency of Ambulatory Care is with the built-in Patient Tracker which is capable of importing data from an external feed such as a hospital's master Patient Administration System. The Patient Tracker automatically provides details to members of the Ambulatory Care Team on patients waiting to be seen, thus aiding in general patient management

PatientSource - Ambulatory Care Tracker
All patients featured within this and other PatientSource promotional images are fictional and for the purposes of illustration only. Names, hospital numbers and dates of birth have been generated at random.

These details include:

  • Their name, date of birth and hospital number
  • Their presenting problem
  • Their Early Warning Score
  • Jobs which need to be carried out
  • The current location of the patient
  • Members of staff who they are being seen by
  • Their time of discharge

The columns are fully customisable allowing the Patient Tracker to be used across all Ambulatory Care settings, including Acute Medicine and Surgical Ambulatory Assessment units.

Integrated Discharge Letters

Due to the rapid turnover of patients, healthcare staff working in Ambulatory Care are often required to spend much of their time completing discharge letters for patients. To overcome this problem and maximise the time that clinicians have to spend with their patients, PatientSource offers the ability to produce Integrated Discharge Letters which can then be sent to the patient’s GP. PatientSource automatically imports relevant information from the patient’s electronic record when completing a discharge letter so as to offer a smooth and swift alternative to writing up lengthy discharge summaries.

Case Notes

PatientSource’s electronic Case Notes module (eCasenotes) provides a clear timeline of a patient's care. Records can be drawn from various systems and organisations in order to form a single coherent summary of the patient's history.

This module is designed to replace handwritten ward notes, admission proformas and clinic letters. Using PatientSource's electronic Case Notes module beats paper notes as it is searchable, convenient, accessible simultaneously in multiple sites, more secure, and of course more legible!

PatientSource allows you to sketch medical diagrams, either free-hand or using one of several provided templates tailored to your needs. You can also take photos and annotate them.

Customisable Proformas

Apart from the wide variety of Ambulatory Care-relevant proformas already available in the Case Notes module of PatientSource, it is also entirely possible for senior members of staff to customise and produce entirely new proformas designed to suit the needs of doctors, nurses and their patients within a certain healthcare team. What’s more, it is possible to customise proformas to automatically calculate certain test scores or import data from other sections of a patient’s electronic record.


The electronic observations module (eObservations) is a fully featured system for recording and tracking patients’ vital signs over time. Observation charts are an important method of detecting patient deterioration early in order to ensure rapid intervention. PatientSource displays important observations as a graph allowing you to overlay multiple graphs for easy trend-spotting. eObservations highlights abnormal observation values, and automatically calculates National Early Warning Scores (NEWS), raising an alert at the top of the page where values are particularly concerning.


PatientSource's electronic investigations module (eInvestigations) seamlessly stitches together all of your lab and radiology systems in order to provide one central interface where clinicians may request investigations and view results the moment they become available. Technicians and reporters can process requests and issue reports. Clinicians can review results as a table of data, and even view individual result trends on a graph. Our built-in radiology viewer allows fetching of images from radiology systems such as PACS, without the requirement of any additional logins or installation.