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Clinical Risk Assessment

Clinical Risk Assessments

PatientSource’s in-built clinical risk assessments allows for Healthcare staff to keep being proactive in the care of the patient. Auto calculating forms ensure that the information of risk is immediately at the fingertips of those who need to know. Forms can be customised to local variants allowing staff to follow familiar, local protocols.

Our tracking and pathways solution can be purchased as a standalone module, sitting on top of any current legacy systems or purchased as part of a wider PatientSource system.



  • Improve Patient Safety - aids the healthcare professional make the right decision, speeding up recovery rates. Outliers can also be monitored just as closely as your specialty .

  • Cost Saving - Reduction in hospital length stays with constant monitoring each assessment can be set to be reassessed at appropriate times.

  • Time Saving – the reduction in the need for paper ensures clinicians are not hunting for a copy of the assessment to fill in as it is always available on their PC, tablet or Smartphone.


  • Venous Thrombo-embolism (DVT) risk assessment with clinical decision support

  • Customisable clinical risk sets

  • Pressure ulcer risks (e.g. Waterlow score)

  • Cannula associated thrombophlebitis risk assessments

  • Falls & bed rails risk assessments 

Risk Assessment 1.png
Risk Assessment 2.png