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Community EPR

Community Care Mobile Health solution from PatientSource allows healthcare professionals such as District Nurses, General Practitioners (GPs), Occupational Therapists (OTs), Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Psychiatrists to view and contribute to the same patient record when conducting home visits and working out in the field. Doctors can even electronically prescribe medicines for home delivery. It is secure and interfaces with existing IT systems in acute hospitals, mental health, GP practices and community pharmacists.

PatientSource Community Mobile Electronic Patient Records


Healthcare is moving into the community. The future of healthcare involves keeping people healthy, active and out of hospital. The legacy system of having different institutions (acute hospitals, mental health, general practice surgeries) for patient care, each with their own systems, is no longer fit for the modern world.

PatientSource's Community Care Mobile Health solution breaks down the barriers between healthcare institutions, providing a single joined-up tablet-based electronic healthcare system for use in the community. Healthcare professionals can record consultations, book appointments, arrange tests, communicate securely with each other; no matter where they are. Whether visiting the patient at home, at a village clinic, in a local pharmacy or planning the day's visits from the office; PatientSource joins everything up.

What's more, PatientSource's Community Care Mobile Health solution connects to all the legacy IT systems in use today. It seamlessly feeds patient information back into GP systems, can lodge investigation requests in hospital based lab systems, or even prescribe medications and transmit the medication orders to the nearest local pharmacy.

Community Care Mobile Health

  • tablet-ready multidisciplinary healthcare records
  • take and send photos for instant specialist review
  • communicate with other healthcare professionals wherever you are
  • book appointments and get specialist advice remotely
  • book tests and view results from beside the patient
  • interfaces with acute, mental health, GP systems
  • electronically prescribe medicines for home delivery
  • works out-and-about, securely via 3G / 4G

To explore how PatientSource can help you deliver great community care contact us, or download our community care mobile health brochure.