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Clinician Engagement

PatientSource has a clinician lead design team. This puts us in the perfect position to advise you on the best way to engage with doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied healthcare professionals. Use our experience of both software and the healthcare world to ensure that your healthcare IT projects are a success


Clinician Engagement

Getting clinicians to engage in your project or system can be the biggest barrier to implementing newer systems or procedures. You may be missing out on ways to make your organisation leaner and more efficient. You may be missing out on ways to make your patients safer at an organisational level.

Our Clinician-Engagement Consultants can help you win your doctors and nurses over and gain their full support to help you drive through the changes that you need. We do this by helping you communicate your changes in terms that will appeal to doctors and nurses, and by helping you adjust the design of your systems so that your clinical staff find them favourable.

Our Clinical-Engagement Consultants are led by a medical doctor and a senior nurse. We can help you:

  • Modify your communication to make it more appealing to your frontline healthcare staff
  • Shape your policies and procedures to better fit with doctors’ and nurses’ workflows 
  • Reduce organisational headcount safely and successfully without impacting patient care
  • Choose the best IT system for your frontline staff for electronic patient records, ePrescribing, labs and radiology
  • Build in incentives into your organisational procedures so that doctors and nurses will want to engage with them
  • Improve medical staff and nursing staff retention - reducing recruitment/locuming costs and therefore overall costs
  • Review your existing systems (business and IT) using our knowledge of professional standards to ensure they meet all these requirements


To find out how we can help you win the support of your clinical staff, contact us :

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