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Integrated Care

PatientSource Ltd provide consulting on how to improve hospital and healthcare IT interoperability. PatientSource can help within a hospital or site to ensure that your organisation runs smoothly. PatientSource can also advise on how to connect disparate sites, individuals working from home and community workers in a secure and efficient manner


Stitching It All Together

We can help you connect all your existing IT systems together so that staff can access all patient data from one single point. Our expert software engineers can make your third party patient administration (PAS), laboratory (LIMS), radiology (RIS), maternity, neonatal and A&E systems properly work in harmony no matter the vendor. You can still honour your legacy IT contracts while gaining the power of interoperability and a single sign-on user-friendly interface.

The Healthcare Interoperability Problem

Let’s face it, most healthcare organisations run a cluster of legacy IT systems and paper processes that all do different things and were never designed to interoperate. Most hospitals have one system to book appointments, another to book lab tests and view results, another one to deal with A&E attendances, a separate system for viewing radiology images and yet another system for accessing radiologist reports. Data from one system usually can’t make it across to another.

At PatientSource, we believe staff shouldn’t have to print out everything from one system and take the stack of paper next door to the where details then need to be copied into a different system. We believe that each member of staff should have one method of logging in and be able to have access to all systems from any one point. By connecting up systems and making the data within those systems accessible across the hospital we can free up staff time and make tasks, such as performing audits, easier than ever before.

Many legacy systems were designed not to interoperate and the contracts were written to run for 10 - 20 years, meaning hospitals have no easy way out if they want to modernise their systems. PatientSource fully supports interoperability through the use of interoperability standards such as HL7 and an open API allowing all your systems, both existing and future, to be viewed within PatientSource and for data stored within those other systems to be view from within our single user interface platform.

It is in patients’ best interests that their data flows seamlessly across all IT systems used in their care. This is a view supported by NHS England. Interoperability is in the best interest of staff who don’t like wasting time having to log in to different systems and having to piece together fragments of information. PatientSource has been designed by clinicians to solve these challenges.

Our Interoperability Solution

We can connect together your legacy IT systems and give you one user-friendly interface to access and update all the data. Our expert software engineers can tap into even the most stubborn legacy IT system, and can build an interoperability layer on top for real-time access. We work with our partner company, Stalis, to extract data from your legacy systems and write updates in real time.

You can even float the PatientSource platform atop your cluster of legacy systems to get far more out of your old IT. This will give your staff a modern, user-friendly interface with the ability to further expand your system as your needs evolve in future. All without breaking your legacy IT vendor contracts.


  • Single sign-on: Staff can access all patient data securely with just one personal login
  • Future-proof: Turns your non-expandable closed systems into a future-proof, expandable system
  • Honour all your existing legacy IT contracts
  • Connect together different systems when merging Trusts / hospital operators
  • Escape vendor lock-in
  • Avoid the need to go through vendor-vendor migration
  • Searchable: Be able to search for data across all your systems in one go
  • Reports and auditing: Audit patient data from one central place
  • Best of Breed: Run the PatientSource Platform atop your existing systems

Get Interoperability

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