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Messaging and Chat

Messaging and Chat

PatientSource’s clinical messaging module is a complete messaging solution. Healthcare professionals have been using WhatsApp and other messaging solutions to collaborate and talk about patients in real time. PatientSource brings these benefits but with the added security of being auditable and searchable so that compliance with information governance is kept. Conversations can be set in teams and rooms keeping the conversation contextual as well. Patient notes can be shared securely and easily over the chat feature; a clinician does not need to review reams of notes to find the appropriate information.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet


  • Fully Auditable

  • Real time notifications and alerts

  • Saves clinicians using Whatsapp or other similar app.


  • Instant messaging between healthcare professionals

  • Multimedia messages, including photos and audio Organise conversations into rooms and teams

  • Searchable and auditable

  • Works on smartphones / tablets and standard computers

  • Received and read notification markers Alerts for urgent and unread messages

  • Uses smart links to identify patient such as NHS Number or local identifier to ensure that the message is in the patient context and then added to the medical record