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Diabetes EDR

PatientSource's Electronic Diabetes Record (EDR) system is our leading electronic patient record for diabetes. It allows clinicians to closely track risk factors and complications of diabetes and to adjust and prescribe anti-glycaemic medications. It allows patients to view their results from home. It improves patient outcomes and can reduce morbidity.

Electronic Diabetes Record (EDR)

Diabetes is a pandemic disease, with the incidence increasing year-on-year in developed countries. It is a significant cause of morbidity and demands a significant proportion of healthcare resources. Good, thorough, management of diabetes is the key to keeping patients healthy and avoiding the long-term complications.

Good patient care crosses many specialties, yet it is often the patient themselves who is the main route of communication between all the different people involved. Patients get tired of attending multiple clinic visits every year and repeating their story again and again. We believe things can be better, so we built the PatientSource Electronic Diabetes Record (EDR) to properly coordinate care.

PatientSource's Electronic Diabetes Record provides everything necessary for physicians, specialist nurses, podiatrists and surgeons to review diabetics and contribute to their care plans. Clinicians can easily identify and address shortcomings in their patients' care and also view trends over time.



  • Improves patient outcomes: can reduce morbidity and mortality by better diabetes management
  • Saves money: catch complications early when treatment is cheaper and easier
  • Improves patient experience: deliver proper all-round care and save patients from repetitive questioning
  • Reduces "DNAs" and unnecessary clinic visits: patients can review results themselves and manage their own appointment schedule
  • Helps you focus your resources on patients most at risk


  • Works as a stand-alone module or as part of a wider PatientSource system
  • Record and review important vitals such as weight, BMI and waist size
  • Automatic calculation of the JBS 10 Year Cardiovascular Risk
  • Record and review important blood tests such as HbA1c, creatinine, cholesterol ratios
  • Monitor lifestyle factors such as smoking and exercise
  • View past blood results in graphical form plotted against normal ranges
  • Review and prescribe medication regimes including metformin, gliclazide and a variety of insulin preparations
  • Automatic dose, drug-allergy, and drug-drug interaction checking for prescriptions
  • Record when educational material has been given to a patient
  • Identify patients who are due retinography, cardiology investigations and foot care appointments
  • Capture and view ECGs
  • View retinography images, compare images over time
  • Take and review foot images, compare images over time
  • Automatically generate a printer-friendly PDF document of each clinic appointment, for posting or sending electronically to a patient's GP

PatientSource's Electronic Diabetes Review module is fully compliant with the NICE guidelines for key health tests and measures, ensuring that your patients receive the best possible diabetic care. All data recorded in the module can be automatically audited in real time to assess the performance of your diabetes service.


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