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Electronic Discharge

PatientSource's electronic discharge module allows doctors to discharge patients safely and efficiently. Test results and medications can be automatically imported from the electronic patient record. Discharge prescriptions (TTOs) are automatically checked. Automated coding (for NHS) and itemised billing (for private healthcare) ensures you get paid for everything you do.


Electronic DischargeS


  • Reduce average length of stay as patients can get discharged faster
  • Reduces litigation bills by eliminating TTO medication errors
  • Get paid more for the care you have given with our accurate and automatic coding
  • Saves bed time and money by option to offload pharmacy dispensing to community pharmacy
  • Saves clinicians time by auto-filling in important data
  • Doctors will be able to get patients discharged in minutes from any computer or tablet in the hospital
  • Display the most relevant information for GPs and community carers with customisable specialty-specific templates   


  • Works as a stand-alone module or as part of a wider PatientSource system
  • User-friendly discharge letter interface
  • Multiple discharge letter templates
  • Customisable discharge letter templates for you to design your own
  • Discharge medications (TTOs) with doses checked against the British drug database
  • Automatic filling in of diagnoses, medications, procedures, important results fields to save time
  • Automated coding based upon listed diagnoses and procedures
  • Instant electronic transmission to GPs
  • Integration with external pharmacists enabling patients to have their discharge medications delivered to their home
  • Rapidly auditable by computer queries
  • Output discharge letters in PDF format for printing
  • Discharge coding (ICD10, OPCS4, HRG, custom codes)
  • Itemised billing for private institutions
  • Works as a stand-alone module and as part of the PatientSource platform


PatientSource's electronic discharge module tracks a patient from the moment they enter to the moment they leave your hospital. It allows patients to be discharged with discharge letters and medications where appropriate. It automatically inserts information from the patient's drugs chart, investigations and casenotes to save clinician time. Discharge medications can be cross-checked by pharmacists and are subject to the same drugs database checks as our ePrescribing module.

Our unique external pharmacy interface allows for patients to opt to pay for and have their medications delivered to their home by a third party pharmacist, thus eliminating the time spent on the ward waiting for medications. This saves hospitals money and bed space as patients leave earlier and do not draw on hospital stock.

All data is auditable, and can be used to display real-time bed occupancy status.

Our Electronic Discharges solution is one module of our modular platform, meaning it can be purchased as a stand-alone solution or as part of a wider PatientSource system.

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