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The PatientSource Open API is now available!


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The PatientSource Open API is now available!

Edward Moffett

The PatientSource Open API allows authorised third party healthcare providers to securely access and utilise the power of PatientSource and patients’ data held within.

Healthcare organisations can take confidence that they will always be in control of the patient data they are responsible for. By deciding who can access the patient data, healthcare organisations can collaborate with other organisations and readily make data available should they need to. This enables a single continuous record of treatment along a patient’s care pathway, even between organisations.

PatientSource Open API

PatientSource Open API

Open APIs and interoperability are the future of healthcare data. For far too long healthcare has suffered from “data silos” where different IT systems are unable to communicate. Many of these legacy IT systems have deliberately been designed by healthcare IT companies not to communicate to try to lock hospitals and other healthcare providers into buying from one vendor.

IT vendor lock-in really harms patients: with “data silos”, healthcare professionals are unable to access data as their patients want and expect. These “data silos” mean that healthcare professionals do not have ready access to information that could help save patients’ lives. PatientSource’s Open API removes the data silo problem, keeping patients safe.

The Open API puts organisations who use PatientSource into a strong position to leverage the power of IT, by allowing them to bring their different systems together. This collaborative paradigm enables Internet connected systems to communicate, thus bringing the power of the cloud to inpatient and care-in-the-community activities alike. This foundation means that PatientSource powered healthcare providers will be able to adopt the latest data technologies and practices.

Going forwards there will be a greater regulatory emphasis on making data securely available to whomever a patient wishes to have their data. PatientSource makes this easy for healthcare organisations so they can comply with a changing regulatory landscape.

CareInform® by Stalis allows you to extract an integrated care record, even from from legacy systems, and make it available from a single repository which other systems can connect to.