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Reaping the Benefits of Electronic Healthcare


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Reaping the Benefits of Electronic Healthcare

Ayla Haddenhorst

Dramatically improve your hospital by embracing the benefits of electronic healthcare. PatientSource’s electronic healthcare system and user-friendly interface replace paper medical records and charts and enhance your hospital by increasing patient safety, saving you money and time and giving your patients confidence in your hospital’s care.

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced need to file, move and store physical paper medical records
  • Reduction in medicolegal premiums thanks to our unique safety features
  • Cut in wasted clinician time (20% of time ward staff spends looking and waiting for paper notes) 
  • 15% reduction of wasted outpatient appointments by ensuring case notes and results are always available at the clinic 
  • Reduced likelihood of an ICO fine for data loss due to misplaced papers
  • Eliminated cost of sending paper records by courier and fax
  • PatientSource’s user-friendly interface is designed by a doctor to ensure minimal staff training is required

Clinical Benefits

  • ePrescribing module checks all drug doses, allergies and interactions using a British drugs database
  • find life-saving information quickly with our fully searchable Case Notes
  • receive alerts notifying you of deteriorating patient conditions via our Observation track-and-trigger system based on calculation of the National Early Warning Score
  • Investigations booking checks for contraindications to tests where appropriate (e.g. pacemakers for MRI studies)

IT and Security Benefits

  • Never lose patient data thanks to automatic backups and compatibility with tape systems
  • Patient data is stored encrypted so lost/stolen data cannot be read
  • Logins ensure only authorised healthcare professionals can access patient data
  • Keep informed about what is going on in your hospital with dashboard summary views
  • Backward compatibility with paper allows gentle phasing in of PatientSource
  • PatientSource runs on your hospital network and can be accessed on your existing computers without needing installation
  • Fully supported with 24/7 phone and call-out included / Learn More > (link to Support)
  • Bespoke software design to your specific requirements