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NHS Test Beds


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NHS Test Beds

Edward Moffett

As part of the NHS Five Year Forward View published last year, NHS England described their intention to develop a small number of 'test bed' sites: 

"These will serve as real world sites for evaluating ‘combinatorial’ innovations that integrate new technologies and other novel approaches that offer the prospect of better care, and better patient experience of care, at the same or lower overall cost."

PatientSource has been endorsed by the NHS test beds program to be one of a select number of providers for this heavily subscribed program.

PatientSource is now actively working with a number of NHS Trusts to deliver solutions to join-up care. PatientSource's cloud based architecture naturally enables distributed groups to work from a common system.  Our tools, such as CaseNotes, are designed to allow different categories of care professional from multiple organisations to securely access a single timeline of a patient's care. From here professionals can add notes, images and attachments so that all the information relevant to a patient's care is available. This information is presented conveniently for busy professionals and even accessible in the community.