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Junior doctors on full walk out - what's it STILL all about?

Phil Ashworth

Once again, the junior doctors have gone on strike as their dispute with the government over contract changes continues. This time the strike is a full walk out including emergency care whereas previous strikes only affected elective cover. The strike will take place from 8am-5pm on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th April.

But, what's it all about?! Some of our friendly clinical members at PatientSource have kindly put together an infographic to explain what the dispute is still about.

Links to HD printable versions: 300dpi version, 600dpi version

Junior Doctors - Contract Dispute Explained - SCREEN.png

Credits: Original concept - Ian Mitchell, Design - Michael Brooks, Artwork elements - and, Hunt cartoon by Ian Williams/The Guardian

Licence: Creative commons - Please feel free to share, remix, mash-up etc but be sure to include the original credits.