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Partnership with Trustmarque


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Partnership with Trustmarque

Hamilton Morrin

We are very pleased to announce that PatientSource have formed a partnership with Trustmarque, a company with strong experience in providing effective technological approaches to the public sector, in order to work together to deliver comprehensive IT solutions to the NHS.

Several targets have already been set for the NHS regarding digitisation of healthcare, with one such target being the goal to go completely paperless by 2020 as part of the Five Year Forward View. Naturally, in order to replace paper-based record systems, an effective electronic patient record (EPR) system is required. However, whilst various legacy EPRs are already in use in some NHS Trusts, PatientSource stands apart in that it is a highly affordable EPR which has been designed by clinicians, for clinicians, thus avoiding potential teething problems which have been associated with healthcare staff struggling to use non-intuitive legacy EPRs.

We feel that Trustmarque is the perfect partner to help us deliver our clinician-designed EPR system to the NHS for a number of reasons. Trustmarque possesses almost 30 years’ worth of experience of working with the NHS, and consequently has seen in-depth the various challenges and difficulties which it must tackle. Additionally, as the greatest reseller of Microsoft products to the NHS, Trustmarque is well suited to understanding PatientSource’s Microsoft Azure Cloud-based infrastructure and how it can best help clinicians for the ultimate goal of improving patient health outcomes.

PatientSource’s unique highly intuitive clinician-designed user interface and convenient tablet and smartphone compatibility ensure that PatientSource delivers modern healthcare solutions through a collection of various modules including: Case Notes, Patient Administration, Observations, ePrescribing, Investigations (CPOE), Electronic Discharge and Auditing. These bespoke modules enable doctors and nurses to efficiently spend as much time with patients as possible rather than searching for missing patient notes or logging into various desktop applications, thus improving quality of care. What’s more, these properties are just some of the reasons why our approach is perfectly in line with Trustmarque’s vision for the future of the NHS by helping Trusts to make informed decisions with the perspective to cut costs and meet targets.

With the help of Trustmarque to provide complete service packages of PatientSource’s bespoke modules to NHS Trusts and other clients, and with the assistance of Microsoft UK to maintain our secure, encrypted cloud-based infrastructure, we believe that PatientSource as a company will be able to play to its strengths by focusing on clinician-driven software development and pushing out regular updates based on healthcare staff feedback. Together, PatientSource and Trustmarque will be working to drive the digital transformation of the NHS in a patient-focused and clinician-led manner.