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PatientSource could save the average NHS Trust £16.5m per year

Hamilton Morrin

As the age of paper-based patient record systems comes to an end, a number of electronic patient record systems have emerged as potential alternatives. However, almost all to date have come with their own share of problems and difficulties which negatively impact upon the ability of healthcare professionals to provide the care that patients deserve on a day-to-day basis.

As PatientSource has been developed by doctors & nurses with years of experience in providing frontline care we believe that PatientSource avoids the pitfalls encountered by legacy electronic patient record systems through its intuitive nature and resemblance to traditional paper charts whilst also standing out due to its innovative cloud-based structure and tablet-compatibility.

What’s more, we estimate that PatientSource could potentially save the average NHS Trust £16.5m per year. That translates to ~4.7% of the average NHS Trust’s annual budget. If you’d like to learn more then feel free to visit and check out our online demo!

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