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Patient Administration (PAS)

PatientSource's Patient Administration System (PAS) provides a full patient master index with full appointment and admissions management, RTTs, medical notes tracking and discharge coding. The PatientSource platform can also run on most third party PAS installations.


Patient Administration System (PAS)

Your Patient Administration System is the underlying engine of your hospital. It keeps track of all your patients, admissions and your appointments. The PatientSource platform can operate on top of your existing legacy PAS, or completely replace it with something cheaper and far more user-friendly - PatientSource's own PAS. You can choose whichever suits you best.


PatientSource's PAS can be expanded as your needs grow. All PatientSource modules work seamlessly with the PatientSource PAS.

PatientSource PAS - Live Clinic View

PatientSource PAS - Live Clinic View



  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs by helping you focus your business processes on the things that matter
  • Beat all your targets such as Referral-to-Treatment Times (RTT) and 2-week waits
  • Gets even the busiest outpatient clinics under control
  • Replace your expensive, clunky, legacy PAS with a modern, expandable, cheaper, robust system
  • Increases patient safety by minimising "wrong patient" errors
  • Fits perfectly to your healthcare organisation with a huge range of customisable parameters


  • Our trademark modern and easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Fast finger keyboard shortcuts make PatientSource as quick to use as a "green-screen" system
  • Patient master index with demographics, contact details & next-of-kin
  • Supports both local hospital numbers (custom format) and NHS number
  • Smart querying to easily find the right patient with a common name
  • Referral-to-Treatment Times (RTT) tracking with clock starts and clock stops
  • 2-week-wait tracking
  • Manage admissions, appointments, ward attendances, day ward leave
  • Tracks bed occupancy and hospital status
  • Clinic & theatre lists management with diary and list views
  • Customisable list of Consultants and Specialties
  • Customisable with all your hospital sites, wards, clinic rooms and beds
  • Push and pull data to and from NHS SPINE / NHS Spine2
  • Compatible with Choose and Book
  • Tracking of paper medical record files
  • Discharge coding (ICD10, OPCS4, HRG, HRG-4, custom codes)
  • Optional patient photo system to reduce "wrong patient" errors and for security (e.g. psychiatry), 
  • Fully compatible with all modules of the PatientSource platform


PatientSource PAS Clinics Calendar

PatientSource PAS Clinics Calendar


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