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Patient Portal

Patient Portal


PatientSource’s Patient Portal module allows the patient to be a key stakeholder in their care. The patient portal can be accessed on any of the patient’s devices, be it a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop PC providing that the patient is accessing the portal from a modern web browser such as Chrome or Safari. 

The Portal provides read only access to the patient's medical information stored within PatientSource. They are now at the centre of their own care. The module, for healthcare providers can be purchased as a standalone module, getting data from the hospitals healthcare systems or as part of a wider PatientSource system. 


  • The patient becomes part of their own care and can take a pro-active approach to understanding and managing their health.

  • If a patient visits another clinic or hospital that doesn't use PatientSource, the patient can access their medical records on any device and share the data with their medical team.

  • Next generation security measures ensure a safe and secure data sharing environment for both patient and healthcare team.


  • Read-only patient access.

  • Control over what can be seen by the patient

  • Seamless integration with other hospital systems