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PatientSource’s referral management module is user friendly referral management solution. All specialties can be covered with highly customisable electronic referral forms, specific to the speciality; dermatology can have photos attached for skin reviews as an example. Clinics and tests can be booked directly from the referral as well as the facility for an advice only referrals. Referral tracking and automated alerts ensure that a referral wait time is not exceeded.

Our Referral Management Solution can be purchased as a standalone module, sitting on top of any current legacy systems or purchased as part of a wider PatientSource system.


  • Integration into current systems – no rip and replace.

  • Feature rich – supports multiple file formats which increases referral decision speed

  • PatientSource can be shared with referrers for a holistic, multidisciplinary approach. 

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  • Unlimited customisable clinical services

  • Customisable electronic referral forms (e.g. digital photo field for Dermatology referrals)

  • Attach documents with referrals

  • Referral decision deadlines and reminders

  • "Advice-only" referrals

  • Book clinic / test / theatre slot from referral 

  • Option for NHS eReferrals Service integration (extra fees may apply)

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