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PatientSource's ePrescribing module summary, including its prescription checking and ease of use

Electronic Prescribing (ePrescribing)

As easy to use as a paper drugs chart, but with the power of computerised checking underneath

Electronic prescribing makes your patients safer.  43% of inpatient drugs charts contain an error, of which more than half are "significant" or "serious"[1]. If you are using paper drugs charts in your hospital, you are putting your patients at considerable risk. This risk is completely avoidable: electronic prescribing with decision support reduces medication errors by 86%[2].

It's not just the patients who need electronic prescribing, your staff waste hours each week rewriting drugs charts, finding lost charts and walking across the hospital to prescribe new medications.

PatientSource's electronic prescriptions module (ePrescribing) replaces card drug charts increasing patient safety by carrying out automatic checks on prescriptions and alerting clinicians to problems. ePrescribing is driven by a British drug database and checks all prescribed drugs against known patient allergies, for drug-drug interactions and for the appropriate dose, route and frequency of administration.

Our ePrescribing solution is one module of our modular platform, meaning it can be purchased as a stand-alone solution or as part of a wider PatientSource system.



  • Reduces medication errors at your hospital by up to 86%, making your patients safer

  • Reduces your legal insurance premiums and/or your litigation settlements

  • Shortens your average inpatient length of stay

  • Saves your staff time, no longer do they need to hunt for charts or rewrite charts

  • Works as a stand-alone solution, or as a plugin to your PatientSource platform, or alongside most third-party PAS systems; ePrescribing will fit your situation

  • Tablet-friendly, so you can replace that stack of paper drugs charts with a single tablet PC and go right up to the bedside

  • Extremely easy to use: PatientSource's ePrescribing uses the same layout as standard drugs charts so your staff will instantly know how to use it

  • See what is being prescribed across your hospital with reporting dashboard

  • Helps you meet CQUIN 2 (Sepsis and Anti-microbial Restistance / Antibiotic Stewardship)

Ideal dose calculators, can import creatinine from the Investigations module and weight from the Observations module.

Ideal dose calculators, can import creatinine from the Investigations module and weight from the Observations module.


  • Works as a stand-alone module or as part of a wider PatientSource system

  • Full Clinical Decision Support in PatientSource ePrescribing:

    • Dose, route, frequency, dosing intervals automatically checked

    • Drug-drug interactions automatically checked

    • Drug-allergy interactions automatically checked, with full awareness of allergies to whole classes of drugs

    • Drug-washout periods accounted for (e.g. will protect patients against receiving an SSRI within 2 weeks of a MAOi dose)

  • Regular, once only, as required (PRN), fluids, variable dosing regimes all supported

  • Ideal dose calculators (e.g. Gentamicin), which can import patient weight from the Observations module.

  • Double-signing of controlled drugs, fluid infusions, high-risk medications

  • Medicines reconciliation

  • Venous-Thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment included

  • TTOs & outpatient prescriptions

  • Statistics and reporting dashboard

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Get ePrescribing:

Pricing depends on the size of your healthcare organisation. We are happy to negotiate performance outcomes based payment. We are also happy to help you write bids for schemes such as the Nursing Technology Fund, to pay for your PatientSource ePrescribing solution.

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  1. Seden et al., 2013. “Cross-sectional study of prescribing errors in patients admitted to nine hospitals across North West England”.

  2. Bates et al., 1998. "Effect of Computerized Physician Order Entry and a Team Intervention on Prevention of Serious Medication Errors"