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Tackling the Barriers to a Paperless NHS

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs / EPRs / EHRs) can be a challenge to choose, purchase and deploy. PatientSource makes this easy by being cloud-based and doing the hard work for you.

Tackling the Barriers to a paperless NHS


Going paperless in healthcare made easy...

The benefits of a well-designed Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system are widely known:

  • greater staff efficiency,
  • earlier patient discharges,
  • fewer medical errors,
  • higher patient satisfaction,
  • higher payment by results,
  • better organised care delivery

But EMRs can be challenging to purchase and implement.

Here are some of the barriers you may face and how PatientSource helps you overcome them:



Large upfront capital costs - SOLVED:

The NHS is on its knees financially, with more years of budget squeezes to come. There is simply not the money available to go purchasing and building mini data centres in every hospital in order to get an EMR running. There are no funds to pay for hefty upfront licence fees and installation fees. There is no money to go buying a fleet of laptops mounted on trolleys.

PatientSource works securely on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Each hospital gets a dedicated PatientSource instance. You pay a monthly or quarterly fee as operating expenditure (OpEx) based upon your usage. This covers all the hosting, infrastructure costs, software licences and support service. 

PatientSource runs through all modern standards-compliant web browsers. This means it will run on any desktops / laptops / tablets / smartphones you already own, whether Android, Apple iOS, Windows or even Linux. You just need a browser. Reuse what you've got, no need to buy loads of hardware.

The only upfront costs are if you need PatientSource to interface to an on-site legacy system. Typically this cost is less than £10k.



IT burden of maintaining a new clinical system - SOLVED:

Complex clinical software applications can be very demanding to keep running. Often there needs to be in-house expertise to make configuration changes and to troubleshoot downtime or other problems.

PatientSource is different. Since PatientSource runs on the cloud, we look after all the connectivity, software and infrastructure for you. We have a proven uptime record of 99.9985%. We provide end user support services and have a dedicated team to help with any usability issues available at the end of the phone.

We provide your nominated managers with full access to the configuration panel of your PatientSource instance, but are on hand to configure things for you when you need. So you can be as much in control as you like.

The burden on your in-house IT team is minimal with PatientSource.



Large total cost of ownership of EMRs - SOLVED:

Electronic Medical Record systems can be very expensive, running into several million pounds each year. Legacy EMRs cost a lot because they were built in an era when the software industry was used to charging a premium. They also depend on proprietary components such as a Oracle databases, so attract hidden licence fees. And this ignores the costs of having to build and maintain your own on-site data centre to run the software!

PatientSource is a low cost Electronic Medical Record system. It is built upon tried-and-tested battle-hardened Open Source components, the same things that are used by the UK Government, Pinterest, NASA and Spotify. Open Source means there are no hidden licence fees.

We come from an era where software is provided as a service, and where prices are competitive. PatientSource runs in the cloud, so you don't need to maintain your own data center to run your hospitals on it. This all means low cost.

PatientSource saves you money by reducing medical errors, by helping you capture more remuneration (from CQUINs and Payment By Results) and by making your staff more efficient. Not only does PatientSource cost about a tenth of the legacy EMRs, it can save you £16.4m per annum for an average sized NHS Trust once fully deployed.



Roll out of a new EMR is complicated - SOLVED:

Legacy EMRs can be very resource intensive to roll-out. You have to install server software on your servers, configure it and plumb it into other systems, go around installing the software on all the terminals, and then train everyone.

With PatientSource we do that all for you. We get your deployment working on our secure Microsoft Cloud infrastructure. We sit down with your managers to determine the right configuration of PatientSource for you and set up your deployment accordingly. We provide all the training through our partners, Trustmarque including on-site workshops and floor-walkers. We'll even deal with the systems integration plumbing for you. There's nothing you need to install yourselves, but we'll give your nominated managers full access to the PatientSource configuration so they can be in control.

Being a clinician-designed EMR, PatientSource is extremely user-friendly. Your doctors and nurses will love your IT department for it.


Need to be "Mobile and Modern" but "Tried and Tested" - SOLVED:

When you're spending public money, you need to demonstrate that you are spending it wisely on the right IT systems. You're under pressure to buy things which are "safe" and guaranteed to work. Yet at the same time your staff are in need of modern features such as working on tablets. The two are often in conflict.

While legacy EMRs can offer you a track record of many years, they cannot offer you modern features. Many legacy systems are no longer being developed and are instead just being re-badged and re-sold. This is why you can't take most EMRs up to the patient's bedside on a tablet, yet that would be extremely useful in clinical practice.

PatientSource is both "Tried & Tested" and "Mobile & Modern". PatientSource has been used successfully in the NHS for many months. You can point to successful NHS deployments of PatientSource with confidence when considering us. 

PatientSource is developed by a clinician-led team of doctors, nurses and software engineers. We use Agile software development techniques which means updates are pushed every couple of weeks. It therefore has up-to-date modern mobile functionality, such as working fully on all major tablets and smartphones.

PatientSource is supplied by Trustmarque, an IT services company who have supplied the NHS for over 25 years. You are buying a Mobile & Modern but Tried & Tested system through a Tried and Tested provider when you opt for PatientSource.


Clinical engagement - SOLVED:

There is nothing more disheartening than spending months planning, purchasing and rolling-out a clinical application only for it to be rejected by your doctors and nurses.

Rejection happens when clinical software has been designed to a non-clinician's specification, by a non-clinically-led team, and chosen by non-clinicians.

PatientSource has been designed and developed by a team led by clinicians. Above everything else, PatientSource stands for clinical usability. Doctors and nurses love the PatientSource system because it has been designed to fit the workflows and layouts they are used to, but with the full power of a computerised EMR beneath.

We use feedback from doctors and nurses using PatientSource to plan the next cycle of improvements. So it gets even better for your users with every month that passes.

Clinician engagement is natural with PatientSource.