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Health Care IT Consulting


Expert Healthcare It Consulting services

At PatientSource we pride ourselves on taking on the best talent when it comes to expertise in healthcare IT systems. We are more than experts in IT, we have a strong clinical background within our teams, we understand the extensive needs of the modern clinical environment.

Our team of experts is guaranteed to provide you with the necessary skills and experience required to assist you in adapting your hospital IT systems to meet increasing healthcare demands paralleled with tightening budgets. Read on for details on the range of areas in which we offer services.

Open Source Solutions


Open source solutions are now being widely used by many trusted public and private services. Trusts can realise savings of around £150 by simply switching their database infrastructure to a secure open source alternative that allows all their existing applications to continue running as before.


Physician Consultation

Optimising the way clinicians are able to engage with both new and existing software can make a huge difference to the benefits that can realised from the tools at their disposal. Let us share our extensive clinical experience with you to boost clinician engagement with your IT systems.


With staff that are HSCIC certified Clinical Safety Officers, you can have full peace of mind as we take care of the all safety aspects of the implementation of any new clinical IT system. We will ensure that you are fully ISB0129 and ISB0160 compliant on installation of a new system.

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With unparalleled levels of clinical experience within our design team we are experts in developing user interfaces that are optimised for clinical use. Not only can we ensure your team has the best clinical interfaces available we can also provide user interfaces for accessing information from older IT systems.


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With dozens of solutions available, all from different manufacturers, for each challenge your organisation meets, getting all your systems working together can be a daunting and confusing task. We work with various partners to provide seamless integration between all your systems making the task of remembering multiple passwords a thing of the past.

MOBILE and Community HEALTHcare IT

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With the advent of a wireless revolution and the future of healthcare moving more and more into the community, the availability of patient data on mobile devices has never been more important. We have experts in mobile app development allowing us to support any needs that may arise.

PatientSource can help you deliver the best returns out of your existing IT systems by advising on how to improve workflows with the clinical and administrative environments. We also offer guidance as you continue to improve your IT infrastructure by identifying your unique needs and recommending the most suitable cutting edge new systems available. Additionally, we assist in the important role of identifying areas for cost reduction by advising on the best open source solutions available which are now being adopted widely by other trusted public services.

Whether you are looking to simply benchmark your existing systems and establish scope for improvement or are looking to find innovative new solutions to help save costs, we can provide a range of services that will help you minimise uncertainty and maximise your returns.