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Clinical Safety


Clinical Safety Consulting

Clinical Safety should be a top priority for healthcare IT. However, despite this being a frequently quoted sentiment, systematic Clinical Safety is rarely given enough attention in healthcare IT. PatientSource can provide healthcare organisations with accredited Clinical Safety Officers to make your existing systems safe and to ensure any new systems you put in place comply with relevant safety standards (ISB0160). PatientSource can supply medical IT developers with accredited Clinical Safety Officers to make your system ISB0129 compliant and achieve full Clinical Authority to Release (CATR).


Clinical Safety Services:

  • Help healthcare organisations reach ISB0160 so that they can safely roll out healthcare IT solutions

  • Help software manufacturers reach ISB0129 compliance and gain a Clinical Authority to Release (CATR)

  • Provide a Clinical Safety Officer for healthcare organisations

  • Help healthcare organisations properly plan an IT system roll-out, to be maximally safe, to minimise disruption, to maximise engagement,  and to minimise the likelihood of delays.

  • Systematically perform Clinical Safety risk assessments across healthcare organisations

  • Put in place mechanisms to prevent patient harm and to detect safety incidents

  • Crisis-manage clinical safety incidents:

    • Control the situation

    • Mitigate the damage

    • Recover from the incident

    • Perform root-cause analysis

    • Prevent a recurrence

  • Independently review, analyse, recommend improvements and sign-off your Clinical Safety management plans


To get PatientSource’s help with your Clinical Safety: